Quality of thought in cognitive decline

Music by Mario Graziani

2019, lenght min. 5:40.

Dedicated to my mother

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At the beginning of the video scroll the following text by Ariela Böhm:


Tired, keep searching for a purpose,
between silver and black, in the paths of the wise,
between the pages of books you highlight
to find the thread of your existence.

Your thought, the most human of activities,
meets minuscule obstacles that divert the path,
it does not have the determination of water, which blindly follows gravity.
it stops, hesitates, doubts and sometimes gives up and withdraws.

The years add weight, greyness and increase obstacles.
The connections are flaking off,
that are scaffolding of your story.
The flow of thoughts stumbles and leaves you
in an uncertain place,
in an unknown time.

Lost, ask for instructions, you trust,
then, exhausted, you withdraw.

Your thoughts become unstable,
they dance gracefully
and they disappear too soon
like wind-blown soap bubbles.
Some are beautiful, complex,
but they often disappear before having been able to grasp them.

This impermanence does not disturb you
you yield to it,
let new thoughts
replace the previous ones,
and stay and watch them fade away,
without intentions,
as dawn does with frost.

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