that is my pandemic

2020, lenght min. 5:04.

These first months of 2020 represent a time totally alien from anything we have ever experienced before.
As an artist I felt the need to metabolize the exceptional nature of my personal experiences in creative expression.
I’m sure that many other artists have felt the same need.
The result of my desire to capture this moment in time is this short video that was shot, assembled and edited entirely during the lockdown period, therefore, in total isolation and confinement.
The fact that I was unable to create all of the scenes that I wanted to or to execute them exactly as I would have liked due to the limitations imposed by the closures in Italy is an intrinsic feature of the video itself and, in a certain sense, defines it: a video about the pandemic produced during the most restrictive phases of freedom of movement caused by the pandemic itself.
It is also, necessarily, the story from a personal and privileged point of view, hence the title PandeMIA, that is, “My Pandemic”: in Italian, “mia” translates as “my.”
Fortunately, I was able to rely on the Internet’s innumerable resources to assist me with segments that I would not have otherwise been able to produce. Below I list the acoustic and visual materials that were included in this video. I also include the text that flows over the images as the video unfolds.

Ariela Böhm

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The Principle Of Inner Necessity by Savfk |
Degenerate Blues by Alexander Nakarada |

Eberhard Grossgasteiger “Night sky timelapse”
Mixkit “Drops of water”
Pixabay “Rotation of the earth”
Mitch Martinez “Fireball”, “Water drops”
Free Creative Stuff “Colored liquid mixing”
Aaron Burden “Water bubble freezing”

Sound effects: “Passi in campagna”

Cheryl Giordano

At the beginning of the video scroll the following text by Ariela Böhm:


Existence flows placidly,
barely rippled by distant infections.
Throbs of empathy
and relief for the distance,
real or perceived.

As the disease approaches
outbreaks of worry
and the illusory feeling of control at the borders.

The vortex swallows the north,
generating panic, death, anguish.

The world watches,
its future mirrored
now without any border.

The world stops,
frozen in ineluctability,
in pain of loss
and in fear.

The house turns into our universe,
microcosm of sharing or loneliness.
Affection becomes virtual
and therefore more necessary.

The days, having become interchangeable,
flow into each other,
fast, because similar,
they follow one another, indifferent,
embracing the small rituals of survival.

I walk along paths of thought
that unfold on minimal surfaces
tense between the uncertain reality
and the infinite pain of the massacre.

Constrained by invisible fences
I search for a space without limits
to wander with thought,
curiosity, imagination,
to travel the infinite surfaces
of fantasy and invention
to find new solutions to new questions.

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